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Wood Pallet Recycling: How to Dispose of Them Responsibly

Wood pallet recycling is crucial in preventing unnecessary waste all while keeping them affordable. However, not everyone knows how to deal with their discarded pallets. The process of recycling wood pallets can also feel daunting without experience. That is why we take pride as your local experts.

Mr. Pallet has spent many years in the industry while exercising best practices. We provide both pallet removal and recycling to keep our community free from waste. Wood pallets can remain sustainable, but only with a concentrated effort. Learn more about why we’re passionate about keeping them out of landfills.

What is the Process of Wood Pallet Recycling?

wood pallet recycling

Each pallet we receive is inspected and sorted based on it’s size and condition. Pallets that have minor damage are repaired and put back into service. Repairs can include replacing missing or broken deck boards and/or plugging broken stringers. The repaired pallets are then sorted into A or B grades (#1s or #2s) depending upon the extent of the repairs and overall condition of the pallets.

Pallets that are too damaged to be repaired are dismantled and the wood stringers and deck boards are used to repair the damaged pallets or are used to build remanufactured pallets.
Some of the pallets we received are too damaged and/or weathered to be used to repair or build remanufactured pallets. These pallets are sent to a nearby mulch yard, where the wood is ground into mulch for landscaping.

Our goal at Mr. Pallet is to reuse, repair, remanufacture, and recycle 100% of the pallets we remove from our customer’s facilities.

Can Anyone Offer Wood Pallet Recycling?

Many people have the idea of recycling pallets as a side hustle. While it’s possible, it likely isn’t worth the hassle of managing it all by hand. Imagine having to pull out each nail with nothing but a hammer and crowbar? Or how many splinters you might face by handling dozens of pallets.
Companies that recycle these products by hand usually maintain a dedicated team. Other facilities will automate the process by using a variety of unique machines. Some businesses insist that you take your pallets to them instead of them picking them up.

Isn’t Wood a Biodegradable Building Product?

Since lumber usually breaks down, some people wonder why we recycle pallets at all. Couldn’t we throw them out with the rest of our waste? We could, but because some wood pallets receive chemical treatments, they aren’t safe to bury. They likely won’t decompose the same way that raw wood will.

Plus, since they have many metal components, they can pose a danger when left alone. Even biodegradable lumber requires many years to break down, making them bad for landfills. Instead, you can have us pick up, haul off, and recycle any discarded pallets. Contact us to do your part in keeping wood pallets out of the landfill..

What Products Are Made from Recycled Wood Pallets?

Believe it or not, wood pallet recycling creates many consumer goods. Some notable ones include landscape mulching, pet bedding, and shipping dunnage. Fibers created from pallet lumber have a variety of uses as well.

If you have ever barbecued or heated your home with wood pellets, you have used recycled fiber firsthand. Other uses include spill containment products, particleboard, and molded wood items.

Wood pallet recycling and reuse reduces the quantity of trees that have to be harvested for lumber and extends their service life. This is why we are so passionate about preventing unnecessary lumber waste from being discarded in the landfill.

Can I Make Furniture From Discarded Wood Pallets?

wood pallet recycling

One of the most popular trends these days is people repurposing wood pallets for home decor. While it is possible, it isn’t the option we would recommend. The problem with pallet furniture is that you don’t know its quality. These units may have been stored outside in the elements, leaving them brittle.

Some artistic folks also don’t treat the lumber first, assuming it has already been done. Unfortunately, that can introduce mold and pests by bringing the pallets home. In addition, some wood pallets are contaminated with bacteria or chemicals from the products stored on them. Finally, it would take a lot of discarded pallets to create anything supportive. You’re better off leaving furniture to the showrooms than making them yourself.

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