What to Do When Your Pallets Are Piling Up

Do you know what to do when your pallets are piling up? Not all Atlanta, GA, businesses do. Learn all your options with Mr. Pallet’s helpful advice.

What to Do When Your Pallets Are Piling Up

What to Do When Your Pallets Are Piling Up

We can assure you that you aren’t the first local company to wonder what to do when your pallets are piling up. Many companies don’t really know how to manage the large quantities of pallets that accumulate and clutter up valuable warehouse space. It also doesn’t help that OSHA regulates the maximum height you can safely stack pallets. Thankfully, minimizing your shop’s pallet waste is easier than you think.

While you can’t wave a magic wand, you can make unwanted pallets disappear. And no, we don’t mean simply leaving them by the curb for anyone any uninsured guy with a truck to cherry-pick the good pallets and leave the unwanted trash pallets behind?. Business owners have several options when they’re dealing with discarded shipping products. Read on for ideas of what to do and when you’re in doubt, give Mr. Pallet a call for affordable solutions throughout Atlanta, GA.

Start an In-House Pallet Recycling Area

What to Do When Your Pallets Are Piling Up

If your warehouse has the space, resources, and know-how, you could recycle your pallets on site. Recycling spent wood pallets offers an opportunity to manufacture many goods that are used daily. Items such as pet bedding, yard mulching, and shipping dunnage all come from old pallet lumber.

As with most companies, you’re likely using most of your available space already. It may be more cost-effective to partner with an experienced local pallet recycler. Plus, without the proper equipment, you could end up doing most of the work manually. You may also find that the required machinery is too expensive to make it worth buying. If you’re running into these roadblocks, contact us and we’ll take your discarded pallets to our recycling center.

Build Cleaner Stacks of Wood Pallets

Whether you’re in an office or a manufacturing plant, you could find yourself scaling back. Many companies find that merely reevaluating their storage practices creates a lot more room.

Maintaining tighter, neater, and taller stacks of pallets can help you eliminate wasted space.
Pallets should also only stand on top of the exact dimensions of those underneath. Otherwise, you risk the entire row toppling over like a Jenga tower. Of course, some businesses are already bursting at the seams, and discarded pallets don’t help. When you need to eliminate them now, you can rely on us.

Resell Your Unwanted Pallets

What to Do When Your Pallets Are Piling Up

Businesses such as CHEP have mastered the art of reselling unwanted pallets. The question is, can you follow their lead with your mounding waste problem?

While pallet flipping might seem straightforward, you often need an experienced partner. Otherwise, you could encounter disagreements over the quality of your pallets, their usability, and their price. There might also be tax considerations and legal agreements to include before service. Unfortunately, inexperienced resellers can find themselves with a bunch of problems that they hadn’t considered.

We coordinate with companies throughout the Atlanta community to ensure everyone has reliable products. Contact us today to buy, sell, or haul off your unwanted wood pallets.

Reevaluate Your Company’s Pallet Needs

You can anticipate burning through several wood pallets, but are you going through too many? When was the last time you asked whether you might need different sizes or materials?
Pallets will often break when they are too small or lightweight for what they carry. Others become overloaded, especially if a product’s formula changes over time. While it may sound counterintuitive, buying a larger, heavy-duty pallet could save more money. Fewer destroyed pallets mean that they last longer, needing replacements less often.

Some companies discover that they should turn to plastic or metal containers. If you need to reevaluate your pallet needs give us a call and we can help.

Ask Your Supplier to Take Them Back

Some pallet suppliers make it easy to dispose of unwanted products by offering to pick them up. However, not everyone offers that service when they’re not in demand. There’s currently a pallet shortage, but sometimes the market swings the other way, and there’s an excess of them which doesn’t create the demand.

Your supplier may also require that you bring your pallets to a designated off-site location. Without the right vehicles and equipment, that can become very inconvenient. That is why you can always call on your local pallet supplier, Mr. Pallet to offer a practical solution to manage your pallets. Contact us today to manage all of your unwanted wood pallets.