6 Tips to Prepare Your Goods for Pallet Shipping

The secret to logistics is knowing the best way to prepare your goods for pallet shipping. Otherwise, you might lose tons of merchandise to your loading dock floor. This article discusses different ways to help you better utilize wood pallets for any merchandise or specific needs.

As the trusted name in local pallet sales in Atlanta, GA,, Mr. Pallet Atlanta, we’ve been around the block a few times to know the best shipping methods. Read on to learn more about these tips and how to best prepare your goods for shipping.

1. Know Your Required Pallet Size

New business owners may assume that a standard-sized pallet is the best choice. After all, 48”x40” should provide ample space for your items, right? Unfortunately, that doesn’t consider any protective coverings needed or boxes used. The corners could spill over the edge when it’s all stacked together.

Instead, ensure you have the correct size of pallet for the final shipment. Otherwise, you could have rows of pallets falling over like dominoes.

2. Wrap Your Pallet Stacks Before Shipping

Not everyone wraps their pallets, but it’s the preferred shipping method. Without proper cling wrap and support, items are sitting loosely on the pallet. Give your pallets several layers of plastic wrap before adding additional merchandise. You may also want to utilize straps to secure them further.

Cardboard corner beading is a practical choice for taller stacks as well. They secure the bottom corners, keeping your boxes from shifting or falling.

3. Don’t Fight Against Gravity

The phrase “the taller they stand, the harder they fall” is surprisingly accurate for pallets. Gravity always wins when you fight gravity, even with cardboard and shrink wrap.

While it sounds obvious, ensure that your heavier items first fill the bottom of boxes. Then, place the heaviest parcels at the bottom of your stacked pallet. After filling and securing your pallet, keep your stacking clean and organized. The neater you stack boxes, the safer they will stay.

4. Use Padding Every Few Layers

Those who are new to using pallets might not realize that you should use padding. These additional layers offer improved support and protects products from harm.

Pallet padding products should be used every three to five layers. This ensures that you can evenly stack and protect many rows of pallets at once. Padding also reduces friction between boxes, making for less wear and tear. Those who don’t pad layers can notice that pallets and boxes will wear out faster.

5. Stagger Your Pallet Layers

Many people intuitively want to stack rows of similar packed boxes. However, doing so can cause more problems than it solves due to compounding weak points.

Staggering is a simple process ensuring that each row keeps weak corners away from others. Turn each subsequent layer 90˚, separated by padded layers as needed. This method prevents unnecessary spills and falls from the heaviest items stacking together. Not only does it improve organization, but it reduces accidents during and after loading.

6. Double-Check Your Pallet Labels

Everyone knows to double-check their addresses, but not everyone reviews their pallet labels. More than one business owner has allowed a simple mistake to become an expensive issue.

No matter what you ship, it needs to arrive at the correct destination and on time. Using the wrong label creates much more work, and stress, and increases overall costs. Take the extra few seconds to re-read each label before it’s loaded. That way, there are no frantic calls about incorrect items and destinations.

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