New Pallets for Sale in Atlanta, Georgia

When you only use quality products, you need new pallets for sale. Who do you depend on for shipping containers in the Atlanta, GA, community?

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New Wood Pallets For Sale In Atlanta

Many companies rely on used pallets, but some local businesses need brand-new pallets. When it takes new pallets to keep your latest shipments safer, you need us. At Mr. Pallet Atlanta, we provide quality products at affordable costs. Even when it’s time to order new wood pallets, you’ll find the lowest prices here. We supply both standard dimensions and customized sizing for simplified pallet orders. No matter how many containers you need or their design type, we carry them all. Whatever products you need to store or ship, you can count on our pallets. Find the top selection of new shipping and storage containers for your company’s products.
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Pallets for Sale in Atlanta, GA

While used pallets have their place, sometimes only new ones will suffice. When you can’t risk shipment failures or warehouse mishaps, you need brand-new pallets.
New pallets arrive free from refurbishments to ensure several trips are made. Each one is manufactured to protect shipments from harm.
Why settle for splintered lumber when we offer affordable new pallets? Keep your shipments safer, and contact us today.

Affordable Pallets

Quality pallets start with lumber sourced from reliable suppliers. From delivery vehicles to onsite storage, our containers solve many operational needs.


These pallets haven’t been used, so they remain free from damage. You can easily have several trips being made by our quality shipping containers.


Local business owners throughout Atlanta and beyond continue to order from us. They know that we maintain a broad selection of pallets and other products.

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New Pallets for Sale Atlanta, GA

You don’t have to feel your stomach drop each time a truck pulls away. Hassle-free shipping starts by choosing new containers from reputable local suppliers. Whether you need standard sizes or custom sized pallets, we can help. See why business owners turn to us for their pallet needs.

Custom New Pallets for Sale Atlanta, GA

Safer shipments begin with a wood pallet that fits your inventory well. Otherwise, your merchandise is at risk of damage while in transit. You don’t have to settle for containers that don’t fit your products. Contact us to begin your order for sturdy wood pallets.

Why Buy New Wood Pallets for Your Shipments?

Gone are the days where discarded wood pallets still had several miles left on them. Rather than gamble away your products, choose new pallets. We supply pallets using only quality lumber to make several repeat trips. When you need reliable new pallets at the right price, you need ours now.
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New Wood Pallets

More or less, you cannot depend on all containers that are manufactured. Trusting a random pallet making company can cost you.

For businesses running in Atlanta, we are supplying new pallets. Looking for new pallets for sale across Georgia? You can count on us.

When you use new pallets created with quality lumber, they will last for years.

Buying wood pallets doesn’t have to be a headache. We will bring the pallets to you, and haul-off the ones you don’t need. 

That is why we have quality wood pallets ready for your next shipment. When you need quality you can trust, you can rely on us.

Order your new wood pallets today at affordable pricing.