How to dispose of pallets

How To Dispose Of Pallets in 7 Ways

Surprisingly, not everyone knows how to dispose of pallets that they no longer need. As a result, they start stacking up around facilities or are improperly dumped. Getting rid of old wood pallets doesn’t need to feel challenging. Instead, check out these seven tips to keep your place free from unwanted scrap. Mr. Pallet Atlanta can also assist you with getting rid of your wood pallets. Contact us for new pallet orders and recycling services in Atlanta, GA.

1. Offer Old Wood Pallets for Free

Many people use old wood pallets for creating art and repurposed furniture. That means you could have many eager DIYers willing to take your unwanted ones off your hands. If you go this route, you will likely need to post a classified ad. Consider using social media platforms or community sites such as Craigslist or Nextdoor.
You may want to only offer a specific number of pallets at one time. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating a crowd outside of your property.

2. Sell Pallets Still in Good Condition

Do you have unwanted pallets that are still in good condition? Are they in better condition than scrapped wood pallets? If so, you can quickly find eager buyers for your discarded units. Some people purchase them for the lumber, while others need them for logistics.
You may not receive exactly what you want for them, but it’s better than tossing a pallet that has more life left in it. At least they will serve a purpose other than taking space in the landfill.

3. Repair and Reuse Wood Pallets

How to dispose of pallets

One of the many benefits of wood pallets is the ease of repairing them. Many pallets are the same size and shape, so you can quickly swap parts. The challenging part is creating the right setup for in-house pallet repairs. It may not be practical when your facility doesn’t have much extra room.
Some companies are better suited for repairs and recycling than others. Make sure you have the resources and time necessary to rebuild pallets correctly.

4. Hire a Pallet Broker

Keeping busy is a good problem to have as a business owner. However, when your company becomes flooded with unwanted pallets, you don’t have time to waste. Some companies rely on wood pallet brokers to manage their scrap products. These service providers handle the entire transaction, keeping you on task.
While these companies do want to be paid, you will also receive cash for selling unwanted pallets. That can become the small influx you need for reinvesting in your brand.

5. Reach Out to Other Local Business Owners

One of the best parts of operating a business is the sense of community that you can share. Small companies always need pallets and can’t always afford to order them. When you have stacks of pallets that are still in good shape, consider offering them to others. They don’t even need to be in the same industry as you to need them.
These business owners could use them either as in-house storage or transportation. While not everyone wants to take hand-me-downs, plenty of companies gladly will.

6. Throw Your Unwanted Pallets Away

Possibly the least popular choice for business owners is throwing their pallets away. This unfortunately happens when companies don’t have enough space to house them, or they’re inexperienced.
Despite using lumber, old wood pallets can also take many years to biodegrade. They take up space in landfills, and their recycling potential is completely wasted. Even wood pallets that seem completely spent can still be recycled and repurposed. Even though throwing pallets away is an option, it isn’t a great one.

7. Contact Us for Pallet Recycling in Atlanta, GA

How to dispose of pallets

Of course, the ideal way to get rid of unwanted pallets is to call us. We offer fast and reliable wood pallet services throughout the Atlanta, GA, community.
In addition to recycling and haul-offs, we also offer new and used pallet sales. We carry them all, no matter how many you need or what grades you prefer. Choose Mr. Pallet Atlanta for the best in local wood pallet solutions today.