Different Types of Pallets Available for Local Business Owner

Who knew there were so many different types of pallets that existed? Knowing which type of pallet suits your inventory best can offer cost savings. You also don’t want to accidentally waste cash on the wrong units. Mr. Pallet knows each one well and can give you the knowledge you need on how to maximize their usefulness. Read on to find out about the different types of pallets you can choose from.

The Different Types of Pallets

Different types of pallets

You may find different types of pallets, but they all start similarly. Four primary designs can be combined, transforming into many other types. Pallets can use two or four-way entries, depending on your warehousing setup. They can also have either a solid deck or the traditional slatted open deck option. All of these choices should happen before choosing your grade of pallet lumber. As you can tell, learning about pallets can feel complicated without an experienced partner. As a result, you will see a broad range of choices that your brand could order. These pallet designs include, but are not limited to:

Block Pallet

A block pallet looks as boxy as you would expect from its name. It uses small wood blocks to separate the deck from the chamfer. This design allows for excellent support and four-way forklift access. It’s a popular choice for anyone who moves inventory often.

Stringer Pallet

Stringer pallets are even more reinforced than block ones with support deck boards. The notched stringers, also called runners, allow for easy mechanical access. They can be heavier than block pallets, so consider your final payload first. Even though they are usually two-way pallets, four-way designs are also available.

Open Boarded Pallets

An open board pallet does not have a bottom deck. Instead, only one side is enclosed, with three baseboards adding their support. These pallets are lighter and can be moved quickly with jacks or forklifts. However, they may not stack as neatly as close-boarded ones can.

Close Boarded Pallets

Close boarded pallets have a solid deck without any gaps between boards. The result is a durable surface that can be stacked onto other pallets. Some use a solid piece of wood, while others are made from repurposed lumber. Either way, you can expect this option to offer great support for many items.

Wing Pallets

Wing pallets optimize your payload with a deck that extends past the boards beneath. This creates a slight overhang for additional objects or machinery. Not only does that increase its carrying capacity, but some automated systems require them. Make sure you order yours from a reputable supplier to avoid failures.

Euro Pallets

Euro pallets are the standard units required by the European Pallet Association (EPAL). They are comparable to the ones we use in the US but slightly elongated. These four-way pallets also use specific nails installed in a particular pattern. They can safely carry inventories up to 1,500 kgs, or 3,300 lbs.

Perimeter Base Pallets

Many business owners prefer perimeter base pallets for their ease of use. The bottom boards face one direction, allowing for faster moving with a forklift. These pallets are also great for simplified racking, automation, or repeat use. Perimeter bases aren’t always reversible, so make sure you specify on your order.

Double Face Pallets

Double face pallets combine many of their best attributes into one product. They can even offer both one-side decks and reversible pallets, expanding their usefulness. These pallets rely on two decks installed on either side. The results produce a pallet that can easily be flipped, filled, and stacked.

Let Us Help You With Your Pallet Needs

No matter which pallet type suits your brand best, we carry them all. We also offer pallet pickups and recycling, preventing them from ending up in a landfill. Pallet recycling also goes on to create customized orders. If you’re unsure of what type of pallet you need, contact Mr. Pallet today. We can help you purchase the right pallets for your company from the best inventory in the area.